Memories & Moving On

I recently accepted a new job at a local travel agency, and for this I had to write a biography.  Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it? I’m a writer at heart, so it should be simple.

That’s when I started looking at photos from trips gone by.  Suddenly I completely lost track of time… three hours later my tea is cold  and I’ve barely put two sentences on paper!  And yet I  was having absolutely the best time looking at photos from trips with my children and trips with my best friends.  That’s when  I truly realized the impact of travel on my life and the significant memories I’ve made away from home.

All of these travel experiences with my children and the resulting photos are priceless to me. Some of the best experiences of my life.

That trip down memory lane also made it crystal clear for me why I want to go and work for a travel agency and help people plan trips.   Because through this work I can contribute to shaping wonderful memories and life experiences through travel for others.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not an accountant and I’m not a teacher. I can’t contribute to people’s lives in ways that they can,  however I certainly can contribute in a meaningful way through planning travel. That to me, is also a worthwhile contribution. And frankly, I can’t wait to dive in!

You might note in my bio here at SheTalksTravel that I list myself as a former restauranteur now. It’s true. After more than a decade in my own diner, I sold it! It wasn’t an easy decision but I felt like I’d accomplished everything I set out to do with the business and it was time to move on to new challenges. I loved my restaurant and my neighborhood and frankly being the boss allowed me to go off and travel (sometimes on short notice). So that was definitely a perk.

I will paraphrase from an Ashton Kutcher speech to say that every job is a stepping stone to your next job. And every life experience along the way,  is valuable and is actually training you for what is yet to come. And then….. when the time comes for you to move on, you have to recognize it and make that leap.

Cheers!  ~ Cathie

Lightshow Spectacular

There is a Winnipeg event taking place  from August 13 to October 14, 2018 at red river exhibition Park, near Assiniboia Downs, at the perimeter.

It is the first time it is being held and promises to be a dazzling spectacle of light. The event is called Lights of the North and their website is

CAA is offering a 20% discount off tickets to their members.

You can also follow them on Instagram @lightsofthenorth

Swoop into Edmonton, direct from YWG

Swoop Airlines  has just announced nonstop flights from Winnipeg to Edmonton, starting October 11, 2018.

A round-trip flight can cost as little as $100, without baggage fees .

If you’d like some inspiration on what to do in Edmonton, Swoop has some suggestions on their blog.

To see the total list of their available routes, click here.

In other news, Swoop’s parent brand WestJet has added to direct flights from Calgary to Montego Bay each week starting in November. This means that if you would like to go to Jamaica from Brandon Manitoba you can now do so conveniently without ever driving or parking in Winnipeg. Search for packages with Saturday departure from YBR to MBJ.



Travel is a regenerative escape. Suicide is not.

This outpouring of social grief over the suicides of two celebrities last week, has left me thinking… Is this social outcry, the same white noise that contributed to Kate Spade (Fashion Designer, 55) and Anthony Bourdain (Traveller/Writer/Chef, 61) taking their own lives?

The millions of people turning to social media to express sadness, and feelings of pain and loss, for people that they did not have meaningful two-way relationships with is interesting. How is it that thru media alone, can one person (celebrity) can have an impact which causes emotional, and even physical pain, to strangers? Is this genuine?

What if, in life, that celebrity felt the enormous internal pain inflicted by of a whole world of people who thought they knew him? Millions of “people” aka social accounts that wanted his attention, or a piece of his fame? What if the noise of social celebrity was absolutely deafening? What if you couldn’t get that noise out of your head? What if you felt like every hour of every day people wanted a piece of you? How would you even survive?

Is this what musician and celebrity suicides have in common?

Rather that a state of depressiveness, is suicide the ultimate “flight” choice? Meaning that when your most basic instincts are “fight” or “flight” is this what it comes down to? To fight would be to regain your privacy and find your one true inner voice. But what if that seems impossible? What if though you try, you can NEVER quiet the madness? Is this when select musicians and celebrities choose “flight?”

I can only speak to my own experience, but I have definitely been overwhelmed with demands. (I think most of us can relate.) Have you ever wanted to run away or quit work because it felt too chaotic or absolutely overwhelming? I definitely have. So that’s when I would travel. On the hard days, I would desperately cling to the anticipation of my next vacation. Escaping or getting away from my regular life was always the reprieve I wanted and needed. The chance to go exploring and mix among strangers was wonderful. I love the freeing feeling of anonymity.

Travel was my escape from reality when I owned a busy restaurant. At work I would typically be in the kitchen filling orders on a busy busy night (multitasking to finish multiple dishes simultaneously) and at the same time staff were asking questions and guests were wanting to visit/socialize have my ear. It was always chaos. At times I wanted to race out the backdoor and hide from all people and responsibilities. I would fight through it and divide my attention every way possible, but it was an awful feeling, like you’re never enough. There’s never enough time of “you” to go around. That’s just me, and on such a small scale, but I absolutely believe teachers and nurses and politicians and business owners also feel similar internal strife. And if this is our every-day lives with 30 people nagging at us for attention, imagine it on a celebrity scale. No thanks. I wouldn’t last.

So what if, the same social madness that reaches out in grief, is the same social madness that caused the tragedy? Is the only way to rest in peace, to stop the noise?