Travel Tip: Border Run

Are you feeling the pinch of our weak Canadian dollar?  You’re not alone. Thousands of Canadian snowbirds are cutting their trips short, or staying home. With an exchange rate near $1.45 per $1 US it has made travel to the United States far less attractive or affordable.

Don’t despair, you may still be able to afford a border run for your Cherry Coke and your Powerball ticket. The key is to do your homework. With a drop in Canadian tourists, many of our neighbouring American cities, like Grand Forks and Minot are sweetening the deals. When was the last time you were offered a room at a brand new hotel for $70?

The key is to do your homework and think frugally.

  1. Research before you go. Don’t assume you will find deals when you get there. Go to sites like and print your hotel coupons first.
  2. Call and deal locally. The 1-800 numbers for booking hotels are not routinely updated with the local specials. Look for the franchise Facebook pages and check there for current deals.
  3. Look for hotels with added value, like free breakfast, manager’s reception or in-room kitchenettes. Many hotels will also offer area coupons (for restaurants and shopping) at their front desk.
  4. Time to order pizza. Grab a large pizza to share, rather than going out for a sit down meal for 4.
  5. Speak up. Ask for Canadian specials by e-mailing the tourism sites and getting on their mailing list.

In this situation, it is to your benefit to think and act locally. Southern states, like Texas and California are less likely to offer Canadian deals. However, if you have your heart set on a sunshine trip, the same tips will apply. Research and get connected to find the deals that fit your budget.

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Bucket list trip on budget.

Travel Tip:

Get closer to your dream trip in 2 easy steps.

  1. Get the Kayak APP on your smartphone
  2. Set an open price alert on your chosen route. Pick your dream budget price. Then let Kayak work its magic. If/when your flight comes into budget Kayak will send you an alert immediately.

Example:  Winnipeg to Maui (YWG to OGG);  open dates;   price alert $410

I know that $525 is an typical “good” price for the route. I have seen it as low as $408. I kick myself for not booking it then. I’ve seen $424 a few times too. So if Kayak alerts me to a deal of $410 or less, I’ll at least know that I have an option.

This is the perfect “set it and forget it” APP. Let Kayak do the leg work, while you focus on family and more important things.