Florida – The Caddyshack Link

I was salivating over the cheap flights to Florida and looking for interesting things to do, incase I get bored with the beach. (Haha… odds are slim that I’ll get tired of a beach, but I did the research anyway.)

That’s when I found a great connection to a classic movie, Caddyshack!

The movie was filmed at Grande Oakes Golf Course near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Technically, it’s a private golf course, but there are a few  fabulous hotels in the area that can hook you up with a tee time (providing you’re their guest).

Marriott Harbor BeachRitz Carlton & Bahai Mar Beach Hotel

You could have your own Bill Murray moment: “It’s a Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper…”

Wouldn’t that be outta’ sight?  Cue the Kenny Loggins music and start packing. Florida is waiting.

Author: Cathie

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