Anniversary post!


Four years ago, in a hotel room in Montreal, I decided to  make the commitment to host my own blog and pursue a career in travel. I was on holidays, and had been thinking a lot about my goals, and just decided to go for it. (I call it my light switch moment.)

There were several names and domains considered, but SheTalksTravel was available, and was vague enough that I felt it would give me opportunity to be flexible and adjust to changing times.

Hosting a website, and owning two domain names isn’t free. I pay about $300 a year to have and I make the conscious choice to host it without google ads or sales pitches from outside companies.

Every year when December 1st hits I have to make the choice to keep it or let it go.  I start reading old blogs and I see the progression and evolution of this project. I get nostalgic and think, “this is a good thing we’ve got going. Let’s keep it rolling.”

So I make the conscious choice to throw another $300 at it, skip the shoes, the new purse and the spa day and instead invest in myself and my readers.

I’m still having fun. I’m sure the best adventures are yet to come.

SheTalksTravel is here for another year! Where to next?

Author: Cathie

Travel enthusiast, writer, best selling author and former restaurant owner, Cathie is a creative force and loves a challenge. She specializes in off peak and bargain travel. Better stories start with travel!