4 Reasons you’ll need more pesos this year

Your vacation to Mexico is in high demand. If you haven’t booked yet, you should act quickly before the coveted dates and rooms are sold out.

Here’s 4 reasons that Mexico is trending so hot right now.

1) Demand for snowbird trips to Arizona, California & Florida are down.

2) Cuba is in a fuel crisis. The struggle to move people & goods without gasoline in a genuine threat to this tourist season. So, demand for Cuba is down.

3) Flights have been cut from some markets, and are less frequent in other markets. For example, Air Transat no longer flies out of Regina. Sunwing has the only direct flights to PVR before Christmas. Therefore Sunwing is more likely to sell out flights, than to discount seats.

4) The same number of your friends and neighbours want a winter vacation, but there are fewer flights and fewer ideal destinations. Therefore, it’s just like the child’s game of musical chairs. If you go around & around, when the music stops and you hesitate, you could be left without a chair.

Author: Cathie

Travel enthusiast, writer, best selling author and former restaurant owner, Cathie is a creative force and loves a challenge. She specializes in off peak and bargain travel. Better stories start with travel!