A cup of nostalgia


The Seal Rock Inn is as close to Lands End National Park as you can get. It’s a multi-million dollar location, for sure.

The Inn itself, is “retro” in decor and old fashioned in customer service. This sweet girl at the front desk genuinely worries about her travelers. She has a lovely way about her. She’s an innkeeper in the nicest sense.

Guest room

The Inn has a coffee shop type restaurant.  You know, the kind of restaurant that keeps their clean coffee cup on the tables turned upside down and ready for the next guest.

I was drawn to the coffee cups in a nostalgic kind of way. They were the very kind of coffee cups that Chi Chi’s (Mexican restaurant) had when I worked there back in the 90s.  At Chi-Chi’s we used to have cases of those coffee cups in  the storeroom.  Whenever they were chipped or a handle would break I would just go grab a couple more out of the boxes and take them to the dining room. Seeing the cups at Seal Rock Inn brought back memories, so powerfully in fact, that I sat down to have a sandwich just so I could hold the cups.

That plain brown glaze was always so smooth and the way the cup tapered in, it fit in my hand nicely.  It’s a very tactile experience, almost as powerful as your sense of smell taking you metaphorically back to grandma’s kitchen and her fresh baked cinnamon buns.

Anyways, I enjoyed my turkey sandwich.  True to its old fashion values, Seal Rock Inn was the kind of place that roasts its own turkey, carves it fresh and puts it on plain brown bread, mustard on the side.

From the vinyl seats of the booth,  I could see clear to the ocean and I could imagine all the joy this place has brought to weary travellers over the years.

Seal Rock Inn is at the North west corner of the city of San Francisco, a mere block from the Pacific Ocean. A walking mile away you will find a stunning stretch of public beach.


Author: Cathie

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