If I could give myself advice

If I could go back in time and offer my younger self some travel advice, it would be this…

Don’t wait for life to be perfect before you take the trip.

Laugh at your mistakes, there will be many.

Enjoy the wrong turns.

Print your photos.  There’s nothing wrong with the picture frame from the dollar store . Put it on your desk.

Don’t over plan.  Give your self permission to rest, to linger over breakfast and once in a while just go and see where the wind takes you.

Don’t always trust the GPS.

Reading a paper map is a life skill. Teach your kids.

Wear good walking shoes.

Take advice & give advice freely. We learn from each other.

Travel often, but appreciate home.





Author: Cathie

Travel enthusiast, writer, best selling author and former restaurant owner, Cathie is a creative force and loves a challenge. She specializes in off peak and bargain travel. Better stories start with travel!