Instagram Un-envy

Ever look at someone’s Instagram photo and think “I can’t compete.” 

Yeah, me too. All the time, in fact.

My category is travel, but we could be talking about anything. I mean, who are these people & their ball gowns spinning in front of 500 year old monuments in foreign lands? And why? They don’t inspire me, they just leave me puzzled.

I can tell you that my travel realities are far from perfect. Hardly ever photogenic. I pack very light. I don’t want to be schlepping an oversized suitcase on public transit. And the one pair of shoes I tote around the world better be comfy & better be  on my feet. There’s no room for spares.

I bring a toque to cover up bad hair days and rushed mornings. I hardly wear anything but lipgloss and since I am taking my own photos, I’m hardly ever in them.

But all this doesn’t matter because I don’t travel to impress anyone. I travel to enrich my own time on this earth. The more I learn and experience the better human I am. And the more I appreciate and understand my teeny-tiny place in the universe.

Take for example, Dublin Ireland. That’s a city with a lot going on. I really don’t need to get involved with that. I just want to take a casual look around. A bus tour was all I needed. See the high points, avoid the low and just barely get acquainted.

Here, I got the impression “tourist” is an abrasive word. I also got the impression I was getting the “tourist price” on a couple occasions.  However, I will say that one of the nicest conversations I had was with a duty manager at the grocery store. My son and I walked a mile or so to a neighbourhood grocery store to pick up a few supplies for our stay and the manager we encountered was more than lovely when I posed a question. I felt like a neighbour, not an annoying parasite “tourist.” She was the polar opposite of the bus driver I encountered earlier in the day. Mister “wrong stop, get off!”

My point…..? My experience in Dublin will make me a better host in Canada. It also reminds me that what might be daily routine to you might be completely foreign to someone else.

A smile is universal and whether you wear a ball gown or not, your experience is personal and can not (nor should be) replicated. And really one of the best things I can advise, is to walk a mile in YOUR OWN shoes.

Author: Cathie

Travel enthusiast, writer, best selling author and former restaurant owner, Cathie is a creative force and loves a challenge. She specializes in off peak and bargain travel. Better stories start with travel!