It won’t seem like a big deal to many, but still, I’m celebrating!

I hit 1000 followers on Instagram! 🎉 Genuine, organic, one-at-a-time travel fans.

Thank you, from @SheTalksTravel

It was almost 2 years ago I chose the name & started building my “brand.” No sales, no gimmicks,  just a hobby documented in print. I purchased the domain name and built a basic WordPress website back in 2015.

Mostly for fun, but at times,  it fed my need for purpose. It’s given me an outlet to express myself. At heart, I’m just a writer  and this has given me a chance to empty my brain when it gets cluttered with travel noise. I sleep better when I share the travel bargains I spy.

I think travel should be for everyone. There’s something at every price point & once in a while a true gem of a deal comes along.

I believe that unlike new shoes or a purse, travel does make you richer. I sure hope you’ve found something worthwhile in these posts.

Thank you for following along & offering feedback & input when you can. I appreciate it.

xo Cathie, @SheTalksTravel

Author: Cathie

Travel enthusiast, writer, best selling author and former restaurant owner, Cathie is a creative force and loves a challenge. She specializes in off peak and bargain travel. Better stories start with travel!