Seeking Serenity

It only clicked recently how much I need the ocean.

Living on the prairies I didn’t think that the ocean had any relevance in my life. Then the lightbulb came on. Almost every trip I plan is to the ocean. And when I get really stressed, I make a beeline for a beach. I once booked a 72 hour Easter time getaway to Newport Beach, California. 2 planes, 2 shuttle buses and a 2km walk to get to the sand and surf for 2 hours. Crazy!! But, for me,  at that moment it was worth it.

This past summer we went to Cape Breton Nova Scotia and spent a few days Oceanside.  If I could have stayed at Green Cove for hours on end I would have. I think I could have solved all the world’s problems (or certainly 90% of my own stress) just by sitting on the rock and watching the waves. That feeling reminded me of childhood….. and how on earth did I ever forget that we lived on oceanfront property 3 years of my young life, before ever moving to the prairies?!!

Three year old me near Shelburne, NS

Now that the lightbulb is on, I realize how incredibly important that ocean feeling is to my happiness and my inner peace. Now I can consciously plan trips to include more of what I NEED.

I was in Newfoundland this past week. I went up to Signal Hill, hiked the trails & sat in the National Parks’ famous red chairs. It was great. I let the waves and ocean sounds work their magic.

More to come about Newfoundland soon. If it’s not on your Canadian bucket list of trips, it should be!

Newfoundland, near the most eastern point of North America and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean


Author: Cathie

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