Covid-19 and travel

Clearly, the world has changed in the last 10 days. Clearly.

Coronavirus or COVID19 is now a reality, affecting everyone. Everyone.  Every industry.

At the epicentre of all this is, healthcare, travel & government. These people are working around the clock.

Your best source of information is their OFFICIAL websites.  Not Facebook, not a friend’s cousin who knows somebody who is a professor, but the official government and health care sites. is my go-to.

14 days. Let’s wait this out. Let’s self-quarantine but keep together with our loved ones by phone and Skype and whatever electronic means can bridge the distance between our homes & our hearts.

And here’s the thing about travel… it will wait. It will be there next year, or next whenever. Don’t stress over trips lost right now. Believe in your heart there will be weekend trips, epic travel and spirited adventure, in the future.

Stay well.
xo Cathie

Don’t fear the charter

I get it, you’re nervous about travelling with so much in the news about COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). It’s definitely top of mind for everyone. The more accurate information you gather, on any subject, the better decisions you can make.

The only official website that speaks for the Canadian government and can issue public travel advisories is Please don’t take something you read on Twitter or other social platforms (including blogs) as gospel. The best source of information is our Canadian Government.

When people talk about being afraid to fly I would encourage them to think about the logistics and routes of specific flights they are considering.   For example charter planes that service one or two specific routes are very low risk, in my opinion. Here’s why. I’ll use an example of a plane that flies direct from Winnipeg to Cancun twice a week, and then Winnipeg to Puerto Vallarta twice more. This plane does NOT connect in Toronto or any other major hub. There are not people using this plane to connect to Europe or anywhere else. It simply goes back & forth from Winnipeg to Mexico. This specific plane does NOT fly to Italy, nor China at all. The people aboard this plane (Winnipeg to Mexico) are leisure travellers. They are going on a holiday. These are not folks coming back from a business trip in China, thru Cancun and on to Winnipeg.

The pilots and crew of the charter plane do not work for full service airlines and do not fly in/out of Korea on their days off. They work for a specific, single airline whose business is to take Canadians to/from hot holidays December thru March. They are Canadians who live and work in our communities just like you and I.

What can you do on holiday to stay healthy? The same things you do at home.  Be wary of contaminated surfaces like door handles and touchscreens. Wash your hands rigorously and often, with soap. If you feel ill, stay home. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

Would I go on a hot holiday right now? Absolutely, positively. Without a doubt. Yes. If I had days off and a vacation budget, yes I would. I would book the trip, buy the insurance and pack my bags.