Screensaver worthy!

I have to tell you,  the moment I saw this photo on my friend’s Facebook feed I was absolutely awestruck.

Naturally, I complimented her on this remarkable photo of what I easily recognized as Waikiki Beach at Oahu, Hawaii.

My friend told me that her 10 year old daughter, Livia, took the photo on an iPad. Pretty incredible eh?!!

I made Livia an offer and paid her for the use of her photo on my blog. I told her that I’d love to show her talent to the world. Aren’t you glad I did?

I asked Livia if she had a review of the hotel or anything to tell our readers about Waikiki Beach or Honolulu. She reported that her family really liked their hotel, the Outrigger Reef. It had a fantastic location, view of the ocean, crafts, activities and even a Starbucks! One more unique offering of the Outrigger Reef  is that twice a week, at sunrise, they do a complimentary vow renewal ceremony for couples.  (Wow!! That’s something I had never heard about before. Livia’s going  to make a brilliant travel writer AND professional photographer someday!)

Special sincere thanks to Livia & her family for sharing this brilliant photo & glimpse into their family holiday.



Restorative detour

You know how ‘they say’ that travel can change you?

You know how ‘they say’ that sometimes when you get lost you actually find yourself?

You know how ‘they say’ that it’s not the destination,  but the journey instead that’s most important?

I think ‘they’ might be right.

I’ve been on dozens of trips, some good, some great, and some I’ve probably even forgotten about. But, I have to say that Costa Rica 2019 was a pivotal moment in my personal journey.

My dear friend Christina won a trip & invited me along.  We had the privilege of going to the newly opened, five star, Planet Hollywood Resort in Costa Rica. (It’s amazing, by the way!)

We left the kids, our husbands and our worries behind us. For 7 days we simply rested, recharged and restored ourselves. We read books by the pool, swam, went on nature hikes, did yoga, sang karaoke and watched 90s movies. And we laughed a lot!  (Of course it certainly helped that it was all-inclusive and weren’t worried about the expense.)

It was probably day 5 when I started to feel energized and ready to tackle my 5 year plan. I started thinking about my career goals and where I wanted to be in 2020 & in 2024.  The trip itself, was critical in giving me the chance to let go of life’s stress and regroup.  By day 7 I couldn’t wait to go home, to  see my family and to start working on making changes.

Shortly thereafter I made a big career move. It was a calculated leap of faith. I consciously decided that starting over was going to be the best way forward.

6 months later, I’m thrilled with my decisions. And reflecting back, I see how much that restorative vacation put me back on track to happiness and self-fulfillment.

5 truths your travel agent wants you to know

5 Reasons your travel agent didn’t call you back right away.

1. He/she was on hold for hours with a supplier. Literally hours waiting on hold for Air Canada (Transat/WestJet etc etc) Travel Agent Support to solve 1 little problem that is impossible to fix on-line independently. (For example a name correction, like when a husband forgets that the daughter’s middle name has 2 “n” and it HAS to be corrected).

(In these cases most agents will try to send you a quick email when the phone is tied up.)

2. There’s a client at the desk. They have the agent’s full attention. The client is planning their dream vacation. Or, they might have just popped in to make a payment, but they still deserve undivided attention.

3. There’s an emergency with a client in active travel.  Take a hurricane in the Caribbean for example.  We may not notice it at home in Canada but absolutely positively it could be disrupting travel for Canadians that we work with. Agents regularly field calls from worried travellers who need re-routing or help with their insurance. These individual situations can take hours and command immediate action. These stressful situations occur more regularly than you’d imagine!  Though it can be very challenging & time consuming it is very satisfying to successfully solve problems for your clients & bring them home safely. It’s a good feeling when things work out and your expertise helps them out of a real jam.

4. Your contact information wasn’t complete. We can’t return your call if the voicemail doesn’t have a name or phone number. Or the number you said so quickly was impossible to understand.

5. This one is a harsh truth. If the client regularly uses the agent for information but never actually books a vacation with the agency, you won’t be the first person they rush to call back when there’s 6 more also waiting on the list. Agents dread the message “Oh sorry, I just booked it myself online. Thanks for all your help though.”  Especially in those agencies where they don’t charge any consulting fees.

Even if you are the most wonderful client and friend, there will be times that answers and phone calls aren’t instant. Please don’t take it personally. I bet that 99 times out of 100 something significant has literally derailed your agent’s day & they’re tied up “putting out fires.” We’re all just people trying to help people!



$100 insurance solution

I’ll make this quick and snappy because you don’t need a speech about travel insurance.

You can Google the horror stories.  We have all seen & heard the hard luck stories of people who skipped the insurance because “I’m going no matter what” or “my credit card covers it” or “it was too expensive.”

Don’t be like them. Buy the insurance! When purchased at the same time that you are making your deposit on a trip, you’ll be getting the lowest price and the most value on a package of insurance.

Whether it costs you $100 or $200 it’s worth it.  I always tell my clients there is NO problem you can solve at your destination with $100. (There is NO medical bill of $100 and there’s NO one-way flight home for $100!)  However, if you spend that $100 at home, in the planning stages on insurance, it can literally save you thousands of dollars and solve your problems should an emergency situation come up.

It might just be the best $100 you spend on vacation. Bottom line, if you can’t afford the $100 for insurance, you can’t actually afford to go.

(Actual cost of insurance will vary.  Coverage plans and premiums will be based on your personal,  situation.)